It's Jesus In The Water Tank

I'd been looking at this for a while but not really seeing it then I noticed what was written on the side and the song title came in an instant and the song wrote itself (almost). Thought about the film dark water so it gets a mention and you know how hard it is for people to take the church seriously these days?  Well...what if Jesus got in the tank and then 'the blood, the guts, the nuts, the flesh of christ' ...'go racing to the taps down blessed pipes'

'Real Holy water of love, poured down from up above'... 'by Jesus in the water tank' - The opposite of poisoning? ..well no ... it is poisoning... he's converting illegally.

Still all's fair in religion and athletics as long as you don't win or get caught ...... 'And he won't be getting bored' ... 'he's doing air guitar all day to my sweet lord'.

think 'a little bit me a little bit you' as done by the the black lips and Lookout for the Springs recorded version some time in 2020