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Cacophony on Port Hampton Singles and Rarities 1985-1995

All the Singles & EPs plus songs intended for Last Party's unrelased 3rd Album
Photograph by NME photographer

Porky's Range - (Harvey Records 86)
Vinyl LP -  PR001

Fire Brigade / Misery Next To Me / Uncle Bill Query / Dossers / My Town / Soon / That's What I Like / What To Say / Burping Cans / Raise Your Glass / Mini Cab To Heaven / Picking Holes In The Fold
Artwork: Simon Rivers/Daniel Ashkenazy

Mr Hurst (Harvey Records 1987)
7" Vinyl - PR002

Mr Hurst / Hubby's Hobby
Artwork: Simon Rivers/Daniel Ashkenazy

Tree Shada (Idol Records 1987)
12" Vinyl Single - 12ID3

Tree Shada / Hydraulics / Autumn Acre
Artwork: Simon Rivers/Daniel Ashkenazy
(Janice Long noticed an exposed testicle in this picture...... features friend Andy Wadge (RIP), Neil Palmer, Simon Rivers, Martin Pipe & Kim Ashford)

Damp (Idol Records 1988)
12" Vinyl Single -  12103

Damp / Right Side of Her / Porky's Range
Artwork: Simon Rivers/Daniel Ashkenazy

Die In A Spy Ring (Idol Records 1989)
12" Vinyl Single - 12ID06

Die In A Spy Ring / It's Everyday 28 / Big Bad Family
Artwork: Simon Rivers/Daniel Ashkenazy

Love Handles (Harvey Records 1990)
Vinyl LP HRLP1

Move Frosty / Dish It Out / Woodlands / 15-17a Doyles / Trojan Nose (Sub-Title In Brackets) / Trust U Dear / Storms / Jesus Hates U2 / Wonderful Daughter / Go There / When The Future Of Man Comes Here Only To Be Met By The Little Pockets Of Resistance Dotted Along The Coast / U Torture Yourself
Cover Design: Simon Rivers (Original painting found in skip - artist anonymous)

Black Leather Sheets (Bilberry Records 1992)
12" Vinyl Single - BILB02

Black Leather Sheets / Versatility / Barbecued / Iron Lung Dairy
Artwork: Simon Rivers/Daniel Ashkenazy

Creature Lake (Harvey Records 1993)
7" Vinyl

Creature Lake / Pat Minus Jack / Bruce Lee Was So Fit…
Artwork: Simon Rivers/Daniel Ashkenazy

UCIT (Dishy Records 1994)
7" Vinyl Dishy 003

UCIT / Fax Me Wacko Jackseed
Artwork: Simon Rivers/Daniel Ashkenazy

Selective Memory (Dishy Records 1995)
7" Vinyl

Selective Memory / Hardly Fair / English Road Film
Artwork by Aberganney based artist Simon Gray


The Sound of Leamington Spa Volume 1 (Clarendon/Bilberry/Firestation Records)


Contrast - Belgium Radio 4 Track 7" Vinyl CT002 / Fax Me


Tin Foil Mountains / Bigger Things / Don't Even Consider It / Autumn Acre -1987

Creature Lake / Full English Breakfast / Platforms and Trains / Purple Hazel - 1989