2015 Into the known

I have plans... all the time. And they take time … too much time sometimes. But I finish what I start ... Whatever the cost... And that is The Bitter Springs
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Headlands Hotel Song


This was one aspect of the view from our cottage in Cornwall
Just finished the song it inspired Headlands Hotel
It's set to a chug along roadrunner ( J. Richman) style tune
Originally it was
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Ghosts of the cacophony on Port Hampton

I never used to think this way but now I say
' Don't waste the day light indoors'

Took our bikes down memory lane
Through the strange landscape of Hampton's waterboard
Crossed the bridge to
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I'm sure I must have thoughts which don't become songs ...  but ...
I've recently got round to reading the Neil Young biography Shakey by Jimmy McDonough
In which the song Maybe by the Chantels gets mentioned.

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  My lyric file folders have always been too big and cumbersome and Kim always says to keep them small and manageable, but being the lazy computer phobe I am I just keep writing on the same one until… Read more

It's Jesus In The Water Tank

I'd been looking at this for a while but not really seeing it then I noticed what was written on the side and the song title came in an instant and the song wrote itself (almost). Thought about the film… Read more