We are delighted to announce our New Vinyl 7" Single is available to purchase below from Bandcamp (link below)

Also below is a list of Bitter Springs CDS available to purchase direct from us (including a limited amount of the rare Last Party Vinyl Album from 1990 "Love Handles") 

for any of these just email simon@thebittersprings.com and we will forward you a pay-pal request for payment:



Available to purchase from:

https://thebittersprings.bandcamp.com/Just out on Tiny Global records/photography/design by Inga Tillere


ALBUMS (available direct from us)

That Sentimental Slush (2005) £7.00 including P&P

Attempted Life/Moving to the City/The King and I/ A Euro for Them/Gathering Dust/The Snip/Paedophine Island/                  Thee Idiots Computing/Miles Away/City of Glass/The Incredible Shrinking Globe/Beautiful Things/                                      Music its a Young Mans Game/The End of Us/Forget about it all/I'll get this for you Butler/Follow your Heart/             Ice Cold Glass


Five Die Filming this Lazy Lark (1998) - (small number available in soft plastic cover) £4.00 including P&P

Soup Spilled / Hairdo at 90 / Barbara - Fading Photo / A Good Provider / Mind Baby's Head / Better Looking / The Squaddie / Simple Life / Flashing my Whip / Manner, Pianos, Mouthorgans / Ewan Me / Alone / March of the Individually Wrapped Cheese Slices
Artwork by Abergavenny based artist Simon Gray


Benny Hills Wardrobe (1999 - Vespertine) £7.00 Including P&P

Weekend at your Parents / Benny Hills Wardrobe/ Grand Prix Driver / Via Sex / School Milk Teeth / The Ballard of Little Stubby Fingers / Blasted Neighbour / A Christmas No. 1 / Bug Going Round / No Sects Please We're British / Ton Pipi Sent Les Sugarpuffs / Mike Coe Reads the Credits


Cuttlefish & Love's Remains (2015 - Harvey) £7.00 including P&P
Poetry Emulsion / Shank's Nightmare / The Hounslow Solicitors / Portrait of a Marriage /
Our World is Built on Broken Promises / Something Good Together / Cut All Fish / It's Yer Birthday / The Anonymous Touch / Not Now Mummy's Jogging Dear / Some Muthas Do 'Ave Em / Only Sour Grapes Are Free / PO Reprise / Lost Contact

Everyone's Cup of Tea (2013 - Harvey) DOUBLE CD - £9.00 including P&P

26 Track Double CD
Disc 1
A Better Offer / Cruel Britannia / My Life as a Dog in a Pigsty / Hail the Lifeboat Man / And Even Now / Harry Hippie /
The Mollycoddled Laughs / The Life and Not entirely Uneventful Times of a McAlpine Fusilier / TV Tears /
Gary Glitter Fan Convention / Don't write a Song / The Wounded / Your Leather Boots
Disc 2
Powerless (Part 1) / Sirens Every Day / Our Ghosts / Purely Medicinal / Powerless (Part 2) / Free to Kill Again / Undercover / The Hospital Run / Powerless (Parts 3 and 4) / White Noise (and Even Now) / TV Unplugged / Snowflakes in June /A Temporary Hush




          Move Frosty/Dish it out/TheWoodlands/15-17A Doyles/Trojan Nose(Sub-Title in Bracket)/Trust U Dear/ Storms/             Jesus Hates U2/Wonderful Daughter/Go There/

When the Future of Man Comes Here only to be Met by the Little Pockets of Resistance Dotted Along the Coast/         U Torture Yourself 


SINGLES/EPS (available direct from us)


Firm Family Favourites EP (Harvey - 2006) - £4.00 including P&P
Harvey CD002

I know it's not what you wanted / also available / hugh grant / the taming of the dogs
Original Photograph by Gary Chatfield
Cover Design by Simon Rivers/Mark Cobb

Poor Trace EP (Harvey - 2006)- 1 Copy Left £5.00 including P&P
Harvey CD003

All Your Own Work / Big Sweaty Dad / Deep Black Water / Wasserfarbe / A Temporary Hush
Artwork by Simon Rivers/Mark Cobb