live radio session version of as yet unrecorded new song


Poetry Emulsion

Go left at dog shit alley and follow the fence
Where the poetry emulsion doesn’t make sense
Bursting with ideas they hurry past
And later chase them down to the bottom of their glass

Our hero he would never protect himself
So his story must be told by someone else
Just beware of those who claim to know him best
The way to a mans heart is through his chest

From the messiest beginnings to the stickiest ends
Who needs enemies when we’re your friends?
And skilful people always passing tests
People skills are all that you have left

Our hero never could project himself
So his stories always owned by someone else
You snub the minimum wage when some would kill for less
The way to a mans heart is through his chest

Your starter maybe poisoned
But all of the main courses have been blessed
And it wouldn’t make any difference if you grew some balls
And you were to confess

I’d have kept it to myself but since you brought it up
They don’t care that much for us but mourn the death of pubs
Well many died for love but more for sex
And the way to a mans heart is through his chest

There’s a foul mouth for speaking your body language
And 1 in every 3 will die on average
Tear the buttons from his shirt and part the flesh
The way to a mans heart is through his chest

Because I know that we’ll meet again
I know we’ll meet some dull and dingy day
For we have been unfaithful friends
We have been Again and again and again

Saving for a rainy day in a country where it always seams to rain