2015 Into the known


I have plans... all the time. And they take time … too much time sometimes. But I finish what I start ... Whatever the cost... And that is The Bitter Springs
Winter health is always a pain … you can stick it where the sun don’t shine
The Album is now finished and will be called CUTTLEFISH & LOVE’S REMAINS
Just the sleeve and the fine tuning
Here’s the track listing
1. Poetry Emulsion
2. Shanks’s Night Mare
3. The Hounslow Solicitors
4. Portrait of a Marriage
5. Our world was built on broken promises
6. Something Good Together
7. Cut All Fish
8. Its Yer Birthday
9. The Anonymous Touch*
10. Not Now Mummy’s jogging dear
11. Some Muthas Do Ave Em
12. Only Sour Grapes Are Free
13. Po Reprise
    14. Lost Contact
Prior to its release we will have a limited Double a side 7 inch single coming out on the Spanish label Acuarela Records featuring 2 of the LP tracks SOMETHING GOOD TOGETHER C/W PORTRAIT OF A MARRIAGE
The single has a brilliant sleeve designed by Inga Tillere
THE HOUNSLOW SOLICITORS will a 3 or 4 version download to coincide with CUTTLEFISH’S release
I grew up in Beards Hill Close Hampton … named after this man … an excellent singer in his day apparently … I now deliver to my old house … looking up at my old bedroom window I’m taken back
I’m playing guitar and there’s a tap on the window ‘’ wow you sound like Lou Reed do you need a drummer?’’
2015 (years and months mean nothing to me never have done)
So I do what I always do
Write a song about it

John Beard sang
John Beard sang
But not a John Beard song
Then I came along and took the baton on

The timbre of the lawns and the cedars by the Library
Where they cherry pick the books for the films and for TV
I’m devouring the magic of Asterix and Tin Tin
While ideas for songs in my head are beginning
And a tenor is ringing down the years

John Beard sang
But not a John Beard song
Then I came along and took the baton on

Murderous pillaging mini cab drivers
It’s a parallel history of Ketchup in the morgue
And language of TV catchphrase and part time gypsy
I would never be accused
 had they ever troubled to know me
Circumstantial at best
never Burning down the Library

John Beard sang
But not a John Beard song
Then I came along and took the baton on

Worst holiday ever with the Bethany chapel
Porridge was nice and a crush on a welsh boy
Cried to come home and a cold swimming gala
Homecoming joy then I lost half my family

Later in the garage me Kim and Dan
Then Steve at the window and we were a band
John Beard sang
A George Frederic Handel song
Loud and strong until his hearing was gone
My favourite tree in Hampton .. reminds me of a woolly Mammoth or something from Bored of the Rings maybe,
you need to stand before it to get the full effect ... Hill House drive .. I think it's alive ..or a Dinosaur Jr cover

Our 1st gig in 2015 was part of a Pennyblack music night in London with the ever excellent Band of Holy Joy (watch out for their brilliant new song Crass Harry) and the rather good Idiot Son we performed a set that took 3 months to get together and 45 minutes to play ... too much importance rests on so few shows ...makes them hard to enjoy and appreciate fully
But we always do our best to be different every time .. we were very pleased to have Jack Hayter join us on pedal steel ... I promised not to talk much in the set, but a mixture of onstage nerves' anxiety and the old self doubt once again turned me into a bit of a clown

Big thanks to John, Dominic and the Pennyblack team for asking us to play

Bitter Springs Live at the Macbeth in Hoxton ... Friday 9th of January
L to R Nick Brown ,Simon Rivers ' Jack Hayter (the hat)

No ... this is my favourite tree in Hampton
Gerald Scarf built this tree out of Pink Floyd's inter band resentments (Hemming close)

The next confirmed Springs show is a headline set at the Albert in Brighton
on Saturday April 25th with our very good friends ASBO DEREK
tickets from resident records or contact Asbo Derek through face book